Xiaomi overtakes Apple to capture second place in global smartphone shipments for the first time

Xiaomi overtakes Apple to capture second place in global smartphone shipments for the first time
  • Xiaomi took second place in global shipments ranking during Q2, 2021.
  • Xiaomi saw 83% growth in annual sales, the highest among the top five vendors.
  • Samsung maintained the top position with 19% of the market share in the last quarter.
Chinese tech company Xiaomi has surpassed Apple to take second place for the first time in global smartphone shipment ranking during the second quarter (April-June) of 2021. As per the report by Canalys research, the global smartphone shipments saw an increase of 12% in the last quarter as vaccines rolled out across the world and economies along with citizens adapted to the new normal.

As per the rankings, Samsung maintained the top position with 19% of global shipments. Apple lost the second position to Xiaomi and accounted for 14% of global market shares. Xiaomi, however, saw a massive growth of sales with an annual increase of 83% and had 17% of global shares in the last quarter. Samsung saw a 15% growth in sales while Apple only had a 1% growth, annually.

Oppo and Vivo took the fourth and fifth positions in the ranking with 10% market shares each. According to Canalys research, Xiaomi is growing its overseas business rapidly and one of the main reasons for its growth has been the increase in shipments to South America and Africa where it saw a jump of 300% and 150%, respectively.

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Another reason for Xiaomi’s growth has been the price range the company puts on its smartphone devices. Xiaomi’s average selling price is 40% cheaper than Samsung and 75% cheaper than Apple, making them a popular choice in emerging economies and the budget segment.

While Xiaomi would be looking to grow the sales of its premium segment, it has Oppo and Vivo pushing for competition with their above-the-line marketing for their devices. As per the report, all vendors are battling to secure component supplies amidst global shortages, but Xiaomi has its sights on displacing Samsung from the top position.


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