At ₹1 for 1GB from Wifi Dabba, this Bengaluru startup is challenging Mukesh Ambani’s Jio at his data price game

At ₹1 for 1GB from Wifi Dabba, this Bengaluru startup is challenging Mukesh Ambani’s Jio at his data price game
  • Users can access high-speed internet using Wifi Dabba network all over the city.
  • Wifi Dabba uses supernodes to ensure 100% coverage everywhere.
  • Currently, Wifi Dabba is testing its services in Bengaluru.
India has one of the cheapest data prices in the world, thanks to the entry of Reliance Jio. Now a Bengaluru startup is challenging Mukesh Ambani at his own game.

A 2016 founded startup Wifi Dabba is making Gigabit WiFi accessible for everyone. It offers high-speed internet at just ₹1 for 1GB, and you don’t have to pay any subscription, signing up or installation fees.

That is at least 360% cheaper than Jio’s plans which is already the cheapest in the market. The startup’s idea is to provide a WiFi-like service across the city to cater to high data users of Bengaluru which is already known for its excellent connectivity.

How does Wifi Dabba work?

Wifi Dabba uses local shops to install its Wi-Fi routers. Simply connect to the Wifi Dabba network and enter your details.

If you don’t have an existing plan, you can purchase one for as low as ₹1 for 1GB. You can also purchase Wifi Dabba tokens locally, allowing you to get online without any hassle. You can buy more data as and when you need it.

To achieve 100% coverage, Wifi Dabba has come up with a concept called ‘supernodes’. The company says that it is deploying a grid of supernodes across high-rise buildings and towers to ensure that Wifi Dabba network is accessible to everyone through the city.

The fact that Wifi Dabba does not have to dig up roads to lay down fibre optic cables, or purchase spectrum from the government allows it to keep its costs low. This allows the company to offer high-speed internet that is cheaper than the cost of a water sachet.

Wifi Dabba is currently available only in Bengaluru but interested users can register their interest on the company’s website. This will allow them to decide where to launch next.


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