How to check the IMEI number on your phone

How to check the IMEI number on your phone
  • IMEI number of your phone is essential in case you lose your phone or want to sell it.
  • Using the IMEI number, your phone can be tracked or blacklisted to prevent misuse.
  • This article informs you about various ways to check the IMEI number.
An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique identification number that is associated with a SIM card slot on smartphones and tablets. If there are dual-SIM slots in your smartphone, your smartphone will have two IMEI numbers. It is important to know your IMEI number for various reasons, including blacklisting the phone if lost, tracking the phone and selling your old phone.

If you lost your phone, you can track the device even if the SIM card has been removed using the IMEI number. If the phone has been stolen, you can blacklist the phone using the IMEI number to prevent any misuse or unlawful usage. Noting down the IMEI number when you have your phone is essential in case of emergencies. You can check the IMEI number on your phone by following the steps given below.

Here’s how you can check your phone IMEI number:

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By using USSD code on any smartphone:
Using the USSD method should be your priority as it is universal and simple. It requires you to have your phone and then follow the simple steps.

  1. Dial “*#06#” on your phone
  2. The IMEI number will be displayed which you can note down or take a screenshot for future reference.
How to check the IMEI number on your phone

Phone box or bill


The IMEI number is printed on the bill of your phone, either you buy it online or at a retail store. You can also find the IMEI printed on the box which came with the phone. You can keep the two safe in case you need them for emergencies or if you decide to sell the phone.

On Android device using settings:
  1. Go to “Settings” on your Android device.
  2. Go to “About Phone” at the top or scroll down to the bottom of the screen depending on the phone you are using.
  3. Look for “Status” and you will find the IMEI number associated with each SIM slot. You can note down the numbers for future reference.
How to check the IMEI number on your phone

On iPhone using settings:
  1. Open the “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Select “General” and then tap “About”.
  3. You can scroll down to find the IMEI number associated with your iPhone.
  4. You can hold and copy the number for future reference.
Using Google Dashboard on your PC
To find out the IMEI number or erase all data from your Android smartphone if it is lost, you can log in to the Google account associated with your phone and follow the instructions below.
  1. Go to Google Dashboard and scroll down to “Android Backups”.
  2. Here, you can get all information about devices registered with this email address.
  3. You can check the IMEI number in the “Information” symbol next to the phone’s name.
  4. You can note it down to report a loss or for future usage.
How to check the IMEI number on your phone

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