This $25 wireless controller solves the one major problem with the mini Super Nintendo

Super NES Classic Edition


The Super NES Classic Edition is so small it can fit in your hand.

Nintendo's mini Super Nintendo is a delightful little box, packed with over a dozen classic SNES games.

It's just got one big problem: The Super NES Classic Edition has wired gamepads, just like the original Super Nintendo. And who wants wires stretching across their living room, from TV to sofa? Nobody.
Thankfully, there's an amazingly simple, elegantly retro solution from 8bitdo in these wireless Super Nintendo gamepads that cost just $25 apiece.

Super Nintendo wireless gamepad (third-party)


No wires! Same gamepad!

After playing several different games with 8bitdo's wireless SNES gamepad, I was sold. Check it out: