Wait Until You Hear The Crazy Story About How John McAfee Founded His Coffee Company


John McAfee made headlines earlier this year when he fled his home in Belize after being accused of murdering his neighbor.


He's now taken up refuge in the US and recently ran this Q&A session on Slashdot. In it, he tells the weirdest story about how New River Coffee, his coffee company, was founded.

We'll let him take it from here:

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"I became interested in quorum sensing (the means of communication favored by bacteria) the instant I heard about the concept. I hired a young PhD. who had written the definitive paper on the subject – a young woman named Allison Adonicio – and set up a lab in the jungle to research anti-quorum sensing properties of tropical plants. You can read all about it at quorumex.com.

"Against all odds, the woman turned out to be crazier than myself. After a year and a half, the fractured elements of her psyche reassembled themselves into an exact likeness of a snarling ferret and she self-destructed. She destroyed all of our research results, destroyed our bacteria samples, erased the hard drives of our computers, destroyed our carefully collect plant samples and went home to Boston. I cogitated the situation for a brief period, said, "F--k it!" and went into the coffee business. Thus was formed the New River Coffee Company."


If you can make heads or tails of it, feel free to explain in the comments.