How to control Smartphone's Mobile Heat - Solutions that you should know

How to control Smartphone's Mobile Heat - Solutions that you should know

The internal temperature of your smartphone is based on the temperature of the device’s environment. If the smartphone can get too hot, it can lead to some problems like forced shutdown, battery drain and sometimes even a complete meltdown. You will be surprised to know that when the phone gets overheated, its Central Processing Unit can melt down. In some cases, overheating of the phone will make it unable to restart. Here are a few tips to avoid your phone getting overheated.

Keep the phone away from direct sunlight

Never allow the phone to stay in direct sunlight. While you stay in the sun, you might want your phone to be accessible to you. But, know that this can have terrible results for your phone. The phone can absorb light and heat from the sun and this can be retained in the phone making it get hotter. Therefore, the longer it remains in the sun, the more are the chances for the device to get overheated.

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Turn off unused apps

Time and again turn off the unused apps running on your phone. Never allow the apps that you no longer use to run in the background. This can drain the battery and also lead to the temperature rise on your phone. You can do this in a simple way. On an iPhone, press the home button twice. Swipe away the apps. When these unused apps are closed down, it will save the battery life and also reduce how hard your phone has to work. This will, in turn, decrease the heat setting up in the device.

Keep the brightness to minimum


Do not turn your brightness up. Instead, buy a glare screen. Similar to what happens when you run the unused apps on the background, turning up the brightness will also make the battery to work harder. A glare screen will let you use the phone comfortably even under the bright sun.

Set the phone in Airplane mode

When you do not use your phone for a longer time, set it to Airplane mode or simply turn it off. If the phone is set to Airplane mode, you can still continue to use the basic utilities of the phone. Airplane mode and turning it off are two effective ways to reduce the heat building up on the phone and also to save the battery.

Remove the case

In case your phone has got already heated up so much, remove the case and keep the phone out for some time. When the case is removed, the phone heat will vent away and the phone can get cool much faster.

Keep the apps up-to-date

Some apps fixes also come with bug fixes and this can even help increase the efficiency of the device.

Keep the phone separate from other gadgets

It is never a good idea to stack up against your phone with other devices like a computer or tablet. Even worse is to stack the phone inside a bag. If some electronic devices that are running are stacked up together, it can lead to overheating.