Google camera APK teardown leaks Google Pixel 6 resolution, selfie flash and ‘ultra tele’ lens

Google camera APK teardown leaks Google Pixel 6 resolution, selfie flash and ‘ultra tele’ lens
  • The Google Pixel 6 is speculated to offer 1080p resolution.
  • The Google Pixel 6 Pro is expected to have a larger cutout for the selfie camera.
  • We may see a front-facing LED flash in the Google Pixel 6 series.
Google’s latest camera app update has helped get insights into what the Google Pixel 6 series might have on offer in terms of the camera, resolution, selfie flash and more. Google has rolled out Google Camera v8.3 as part of Android 12 Beta 3.

In an APK teardown based report, 9to5Google was able to deduce some features that we may see on Google’s upcoming flagship devices. According to the report, the Google Pixel 6 will offer full HD+ resolution as its selfie camera is located 540 pixels to the centre from the left. Considering the front-facing camera to be at the centre of the screen, we can speculate that it will have a 1080p resolution.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro, or 6 XL, will have its selfie camera placed at 722 pixels from the left. This led the publication to speculate that the Google Pixel 6 Pro could offer a resolution of just over 1440p.

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As for the selfie camera, the Pixel 6 will see a smaller hole of 55 pixels against the 65 pixels on Pixel 5. The punch-hole camera in the Google Pixel 6 Pro will have a larger size of 70 pixels. The larger camera cut out in the Pixel 6 Pro comes with a “p21_front_setup” feature which isn’t available in Pixel 6. As per the report, this could mean that only the Google Pixel 6 Pro can record videos in 4K resolution.

The APK insight of the Google Camera 8.3 update also reveals that we will see a front facing LED flash. Both Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro would see the selfie flash for the front-facing cameras.


Another important insight from the APK report is that the Pixel 6 series will offer 7X zoom while recording videos at 60 frames per second (fps). Comparing it with Pixel 5 that offers 3X zoom at 60fps and 5X at 30fps, this is a major upgrade.

Another camera APK teardown report by XDA suggests that Google Pixel 6 Pro could feature a 5X zoom via the ‘ultra tele’ lens. This could mean that the larger flagship device will feature a telephoto lens offering 5X optical zoom.

Interestingly, the Super Res Zoom feature that is seen on Google Pixel 5 may not be available on the upcoming devices. This was deduced as “SABRE_ALLOWED” function is disabled in the latest Google Camera 8.3 APK. “Super Res Zoom” uses machine learning to add details to images and makes them appear as if they were taken with a telephoto lens.

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