Battlegrounds Mobile India gets Dune-themed rewards in new crossover

Battlegrounds Mobile India gets Dune-themed rewards in new crossover
The BGMI x Dune crossover will continue until November 11.Krafton
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India players can now win Dune-themed rewards.
  • The new crossover is live in the EvoGround mode, and it will continue until November 11.
  • There’s a Dune-themed pan and parachute up for grabs in this new crossover.
Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is getting a new crossover with the popular movie, Dune. Krafton has introduced new Dune-themed rewards in the EvoGround mode. This is the second movie crossover for BGMI after Godzilla vs Kong for which Krafton introduced a Titans: Last Stand mode.

The Dune-themed experience is now live in BGMI and it will continue until November 11. To win Dune-themed rewards, BGMI players will have to complete in-game challenges. The rewards include 50 RP, Dune-themed pan and parachute. You can get 50 RP after playing EvoGround mode for five times. The Dune pan will be unlocked for three days after playing EvoGround 10 times. As for the Dune parachute, it will be unlocked permanently after you play EvoGround 20 times.

This isn’t a major crossover like the Gozilla vs Kong crossover but Dune fans can experience a little bit of the movie in BGMI. Speaking of which, Dune has become Warner Brothers’ biggest box office opening this year with $40.1 million earnings in the first three days. A sequel of the movie based on the science fiction novel by Frank Herbert has also been confirmed for 2023.

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The BGMI x Dune crossover will be active until November 11. As for the Titans: Last Stand mode which is a PvE mode in BGMI, you can play this too and until November 16. Here, you get to join forces with Kong and Godzilla to defeat the Mechagodzilla. Krafton is also offering bonus UC and new Lucky Spin rewards to BGMI on the occasion of Diwali.


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